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AGI & Associates is a financial and management consulting firm that was established and registered in Uganda by a team with practical training and wide experience in Business Management, Financial Accountancy, Taxation, Internal Auditing and Capacity Building.

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We help our clients strengthen their operational efficiency and increasing their profits.

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Our experience will help you generate more profits

With our skilled and experienced staff, we provide a comprehensive range of business solutions and where expertise is not available in-house. We continue to invest in and develop our staff and resources so as to build the capacity to serve our clients even better and increase their profits.

Tax & Financial Advisory
6 years
Human Resource
5 years
Online Services
6 years
7 years


Experienced & skilled specialists

Our team is comprised of truly gifted minds ready to help you grow your business.


Stable & predictable results

Over the years, our services have proven a valuable asset to our clients due to measurable results.


100% Satisfaction guarantee

We are so committed to serving our clients and driven by their satisfaction.


7+ Years in consulting business

With a couple of years in the business, our experience will help you generate more profits.

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